My name is Judith Kloas and I was born on February 8th, 1989 in Lübben/Spreewald (Germany). I am a researcher at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics at Graz University of Technology. My research interests involve probability theory and stochastic processes, statistics, finance and insurance mathematics as well as graph theory. Currently, random walks  and Markov chains are the main topic of my work.

In 2014 I have finished my studies in technical mathematics. I have focused on finance and insurance mathematics as well as on statistics during my master studies. Thus, I have gained an insight into different fields of mathematics during the last years. You can find more details about that, especially my published papers under Research.

Furthermore, I have given lectures at Graz University of Technology. You can find a list of all courses under the Teaching section.

If you are interested you can also have a look at my CV which gives an overview about my education, research interests, visited conferences and given talks as well as some personal abilities.

Curriculum Vitae

During my free time I like doing different kinds of sports and I am interested in photography. My big passion are the mountains and hiking there. You can find some impressions under Pictures.